Monday, July 27, 2009



Last weekend found us driving to northern Wisconsin towards Bayfield. We went to Blue Vista Farm which if you are in the area is definitely worth a visit. They have a beautiful view from their barn which my pictures just couldn't do justice to.



We picked blueberries as big as grapes. They have organic berries also.


They have raspberries there too. We like to do the pick your own with the kids, they enjoy picking and eating their share of the berries.

Running in the Garden

The kids ran through the garden, isn't it beautiful?


I just had to have a picture of this flower, hollyhocks such deep color.

The Pirahana

We stopped in Bayfield at a park by the harbor and Noley played on his alligator or piranha depending on which boy you asked:)

Jungle Boy

The big kids played Tarzan while swinging on a great line there. (I kind of want one for our house)

Can we go in?

On the way home we stopped at a beach on Lake Superior, the kids took advantage of this and got wet and sandy.

He loves it

Playing in water

I think my fingerless mitts fit right into this trip. The purple is very blueberry like, they are almost done now and I hope to finish them today. Hope your summer is going great! Ravelry link here.


Happy fun family summer times to you all!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Seamless Sweater

This sweater was the most fun knit I have done in a while. The seamless knitting, seed stitch edging and the color work was so much fun, I see another one of these in my future.


Vormorgun L├ętt-Lopavesti (Ravelry link)

Yarn: Bartlett yarns Fisherman 2 ply mostly heather Jade color

Needle: US 5 and 7 Denise Needles

I will love to wear this in the colder weather!

As you can see Miss M is feeling much better thanks to all for your thoughts while she was sick and your well wishes. She is back to my cuddley M.

He was not sick a minute and was making dirt angles tonight in the driveway.

As always I am grateful for my happy family. Happy happy summer.