Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Birthday Boy

These flowers are so pretty sitting on my window sill. They were a present for mother's day from Miss M and they love it in the sunny breakfast nook at my house. They are as pretty as she is.

Here is a picture of my birthday boy (KD) with his loot. Yes that is a skateboard you see. Note the helmet, knee,elbow and wrist pads. He really, really wanted a skateboard (it was that or a gameboy) and since skateboarding requires you to GO OUTSIDE, I was more inclined to give him the semi-dangerous gift rather than the zombie inducing game toy.
If you look close you can see he's missing a front tooth, kind of makes him look tough:) Here's an action shot.
This is a pic of the Pixie hat. I didn't have any little babies lying around as mine is too big, so Miss M's puppy had to stand in. Now she thinks puppy needs a hat too. We'll see about that.The flowers are too pretty to not post twice!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

No Pictures, Just too much to do.

I am having a VERY busy week. Tomorrow is Kyle's Birthday so in that spirit, I planned a birthday party for Thursday night. I work tomorrow night and am having a garage sale this weekend on Friday and Saturday. Oh and Brent is going out of town and is throwing up tonight. Kyle said he didn't feel well either. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow too. Anything else I should do this week? Knitting is defiantly taking a back seat this week. Maybe if it is slow at the sale I'll knit. Right now I'm lucky if I get a shower.

Wish me luck when I take 7 little boys age 6-7 to a movie by myself. I may have to bring the cattle prod in case they misbehave:) JK I would never do that! There will be some serious threats regarding no cake though if kids are acting up.

Hope you all are not trying to cram in such suicidal amounts of things in your week. Have a good one!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Quick shawl

I can't post pictures right now. Blogger is not uploading them. I had a simple little shawl I knit up on big size 13 needles with some novelty yarn I had lying around, to show you. But I can't I will try to upload a picture later and show it to you. I made it for my Auntie Laura who has been really sick with encephalitis and meningitis and complications from that. Hope you're feeling better Laura. Love you!

Oh now it works! Here it is.

Sorry about this crappy picture of the shawl, Brent took it for me after some convincing. Just to show its size. Yarn is Bernat Galaxy about 2 skeins in color number 53110, Neptune. I hope she likes it. Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, May 21, 2007


I've been tagged by Vegan Craftastic. And here's how it works: Each person tagged gives 7 random facts about themselves. Those who are tagged need to write on their own blog those 7 facts as well as the rules of the game. You need to tag seven others and list their names on your blog. You have to leave those you plan on tagging a note in their comments so they know that they have been tagged and to read your blog.

My facts:
1. I have not lived in another state since I was 2, Minnesota is too cool to move away from.
2. My earliest memory is of peering over the edge of my baby brothers bassinett to see him for the first time.
3. I want to live in an old farm house, I love old houses.
4. I feel coffee helps keep me sane.
5. I have never broken a bone.
6. I am not squeamish except for big bugs.
7. My favorite place besides Minnesota is the Upper Penninsula of Michigan.

I tagged:
Debbie Does Duluth
Blogless MJ
Raising Frolic
Knitting Kninja

I'll try tagging more later.

Rummage Around

I know it's been a while since I posted something. We've been busy around here with swimming lessons for the older two kids and Hubby went camping and fishing this last weekend. He took the camera so I couldn't take pictures for the blog. I went out to garage sales this weekend with the kids since it was the local community sales. Here is an awesome dresser/buffet thingy I got for $8. I love this! and Brent said he would refinish it for me since it looks like it may be maple underneath the paint. I kind of like it like this too. Sort of shabby chic right? This ottoman was calling my name too. I thought I might recover it but the current fabric is growing on me. Pretty huh?
I also found a futon for $15! We had been just saying maybe we should get one for our upstairs den area. It isn't super fancy but what do you expect for $15?
The Robin Hood Jacket is finally growing, here's my progress. I think I doubled the size last night while knitting with Jess.
I am working on this hat for a girl at work who is due soon. I got the pattern from Crystal Palace yarns free pattern site, you can see the pattern here.

The version I have of this pattern calls for fingering weight yarn but, I'm using Lilly Elite Cotton in worsted weight. I see they have updated the pattern for worsted weight now. I think the color is called fern but the label only gives a color number 05235. It reminds me of Oscar the Grouch :)
I am gearing up for the big Memorial Day weekend, trying to clean house and get my ducks in a row. Any of my family staying over?? Hope you all have a great week!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Big Plans

Added: May 16th The yarn used for this hat was Rowan, Soft Baby.

I have been pretty busy lately. Worked nights all weekend so when it was slow I worked on this cute Kitty hat for one of the girls I work with who is expecting. Nolan posed with it on for me isn't he a cutie pie even with a girly hat on?

This is the back of the hat you can see I had trouble with the ears coming out right, one is bigger than the other. Oh well I'm giving it away and she won't care right? Next time I knit this pattern I will know better. I should have placed a stitch marker so I knew when to increase.
I have found some good deals on yarn lately. This is Cherry Tree Hill, DK 50% silk-50% wool in Rose Garden and Green Mountian Madness. Half off I couldn't resist. One of these, I think is telling me it wants to be Clapotis from Knitty.
I couldn't resisit this skein of Noro for a hat for Hubby. He really needs a knitted hat for winter.

I got a great deal on Cascade 220 from Webs, but I didn't like the color once I got it here. It was way greener than the online pic. Learned my lesson there. This is called Lake Chelen, pretty but not what I wanted.
The wonderful ladies at Sister's Scrapbooking and Crafts in town let me exchange my yarn for this one. This is called Midnight Heather. It is for the secret project. I think this picture still makes it look lighter than it really is, it's almost a navy. I am excited to start these new projects, but I have Kyle's sweater to finish and baby hats to make for people at work. 2 more hats to make.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Canasta and Calorimetry

Monday night we played Canasta with our good friends, Jess and Dennis. We go in streaks with them some weeks we see them 1-2 times a week other weeks not at all. But we always have fun when we get together. The guys always get a little crazy and we laugh and laugh. (Inside Joke: Dennis I was still laughing about the credit card thing the next morning)

This is proof that the girls won!! We had been on a bit of a losing streak.

At the game night, I started the Calorimetry hat thing from Knitty, with the Lamb's Pride yarn I got last week .

I finished it today. Isn't it cute?
It seems a little wide on the top but I didn't check my gauge at all so I guess I deserved that. It will work for what it's for. It is soooo soft and warm. It was pretty hot today amd hotter still while I was taking these.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Socks again

I guess I should amend that to say I made one other pair but it was with much bigger gauge yarn, Bartlett in a heavy worsted weight. Makes it seem like cheating after using "real" sock yarn :)

Also I tried on the pair I'm making and it's a little too big. So I had my hubby try it on and it fit him better. He said, "These are almost too comfortable." This coming from Mr. Knitting is a waste of time. I think I can still turn him to the fiber side. Use the force:)

Monday, May 7, 2007

Socky day

I made some progress on my sock(s) this weekend. I'm using Cat Bordhi's, Simple Sock in Three Sizes from Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles. Yarn is Mountain Colors,Bearfoot in Northern Lights. I am making the men's size since I have HUGE feet. These are my first pair of socks, I did make one kids size sock on a car trip but I hate DPN's so thought there may be no hope of my making socks ever again after that. Then I got Cat Bordhi's book and I am thinking I may like to make socks. We'll see what I say after this pair is done. I plan to make some baby blankets with flannel today too. Super easy project just sew together on the wrong side flip and sew around the edges again.
If you look closely you can see the first sock I made hanging forlorn on my bulletin board. It is rainbow like colors. I like that the board makes it look like I have lots of projects and ideas going, even if I don't :)

It's a over cast day today so a good day to get things done in the house.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Party Time!

He liked it! I finished to hat last night just in time to give to my Bro today at the party. He wore it most of the day. Here he is wearing it during the pinata, I think it was a hit. Oh and I guess he has green eyes but it still looked good on him:)
Monica had a good party with very little crying on everyones part:) Here she is getting ready to open presents and sitting with her friend Madison. Thanks everyone for the great stuff!!
On to new projects, I am anxious to start back up on Kyle's sweater and the socks I'm working on. Yarn for the Secret Project will be forthcoming, and I have a plan for the recent Lamb's Pride yarn purchase! I'll save some things for next posting.

Friday, May 4, 2007


Apparently I shouldn't type when tired. My brother's b-day is not until the 7th and yes it is Bartlett yarn I'm using in the hat. I didn't feel real great last night when I was blogging, lesson learned. Don't blog when sick or tired and/or just sick and tired of life:) Yesterday was busy and today is busier with preparing for a birthday celebration for Miss M. Till next time!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Brother Hat

This is the hat I'm making for my brother who so kindly commented that he was glad I had a hobby I enjoyed and shamelessly hinted for a knitted item. It is a simple baby cable hat. I found it online here. I'm using a skein of Bernatt yarn, 100% wool which felts nicely but I don't plan to felt this, and I changed the edging to a 1X1 rib. I think he will like it and it should look good with his blue eyes. Ask and you shall receive! Plus it was his birthday recently.

We went to the local state park and walked in the woods the other night. The kids had a great time.
Miss M was not inclined to have her picture taken but I snapped one from behind. She is 5 today! Happy Birthday Monica!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

New Yarn

My yarn came today. I LOVE IT!!!! The pictures just don't do it justice. Makes me want to order more :)
Rx: Lamb's Pride Worsted by Cherry Tree Hill in Java-1 skein to calm the nerves.

The saddest baby ever

The picture says it all. I think he's teething again. Eyeteeth are buggers aren't they?

Here's a sneak peak at the secret project and my solution. Hopefully it will be an easy pattern to read but even I admit this part is a little confusing. Still need to order yarn for this but haven't had funds or time to decide on what to use. I am liking the Wool of the Andes I'm using but maybe I will find something else I like better when it comes time to knit this up.

Here's the list Brent left me for today. On one hand I know he's trying to help and on the other it's slightly annoying. I laughed at the (2 miles) after treadmill, it struck me as funny. I do need to plan food for Monica's B-Day party this weekend though. Have to work Wednesday and Thursday too so I should get a move on. Bleah. It's not as much fun as figuring out the secret project. Maybe my books will come today and I can look through them tonight! Cross my fingers!