Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Flu

The Flu hit our house last week. Well really it hit Noley and me, everyone else was fine. Which means I now am playing catch up this week with bill paying, house cleaning, laundry and blog pictures. Unfortunately I can't find the camera!

Back soon with pictures. Just letting you know we are still here.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Avoidence is the only way to go

Yes I am avoiding housework to blog. Who doesn't do that right? Thank you for enabling me bloggy friends:)

Halloween came and went without a hitch although I was sure the only picture I was going to get of my kiddos would look like this.Luckily I caught them at one stop and they all stood still for a picture. I present a witch, a WWI Flying Ace and Batman.They had a great time and the candy isn't all gone yet so I can't ask for much more.

I had a small photo shoot today with my newest finished project, I present the Double Duty Cowl.

Double duty because this is the right side.
This is the "wrong" side.
The thing is Freaking reversible! I love how this turned out and it is made with my Knit Me Now Chunky yarn. Unfortunately I don't have any of this out there right now. I love the color, the size, the buttons. Yeah I love it all. Thanks for stopping by, hugs.