Friday, August 27, 2010


Summer, originally uploaded by ImagineKnit.

Still out here in limbo coming to the coffee shop for a little computer break and so the kids can play. Picked up this sweater again for KD. Hope to actually get past the sleeves at some point.

The first of the colds hit out house and more specifically me. Just trying to hang on till school starts. Our closing didn't happen this week due to no fault of our own which makes it all even more frustrating. We are SO past ready to start this house that I could cry. Hopefully this next week we can get that done and call in the troops to start. Some day it will be worth it, right now it is just hard to wait.

If anyone is coming up the Duluth way for a visit and wants to meet up shoot me an email, I could stand some knitting nights and this coffee house is popular and close to where I live. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Blogless Senja

Mitts 4 M, originally uploaded by ImagineKnit.

This summer has been a flurry of moves (3 to be exact) with big house planning and frustrating turns of event. Nothing major has gone wrong but building a house is not for the faint of heart. All that said our new space promises to be just what we want and hopefully well thought out for our family.

Knitting has been taking place and this picture is the only proof I have of that. Mittens for Miss M which I bound off the tips today and still have the thumb to do. That said I am not sure if I will finish them as she seems ambivilent about them and so am I. They are cute but some of the stranding was pulled a little tight and I am not in love with them. The Hedgie on the front is cute though. Maybe another try at this is the way to go. I am at the local coffee house for a little computer time and the kids are hounding me for stuff. I will have to run just leaving a little note out here to say I am still alive. Hope your summers are all great! Come on school!