Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mittens in June?

KD mitts

So I know it is the middle of summer and about 80 degrees and humid lately but I have been knitting mittens for KD. I got a big stash of Cascade 220 when a local shop went out of business recently and these colors just spoke to KD.
I apologize for the bad picture I took it with the phone because the hubby is out of town again. With the camera.
I am not a lover of mitten knitting but I think I found the cure, 2 color knitting! These Matrix Mitts fly off the needles. I love following the pattern and watching it come to life. Weird I know. The best part is I think I can get a couple pair of mitts and a hat out of all that yarn, love it!

We had a rough week last week with Miss M getting Lyme's after our camping trip and ending up in the hospital for a couple of nights. No worries she is back to her usual self already and should be just fine. Not the greatest start to our summer but we'll manage.

I am hankering to bake bread this weekend and cook some of the veggies from my CSA. Bok-Choy and Napa Cabbage are over taking my fridge! Seriously anyone have a good recipe for both or even just one? Maybe I'll try hit up the local farmers markets this weekend, the kids would like that. Hope all is well you all, take care!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Annual Camping Trip

Our yearly trip camping was last weekend. We chose to go to Northern Minnesota just south of the BWCAW.

The scenery is gorgeous.

Lots of wildlife to be seen, this is a turkey vulture.
The lakes are like nowhere else on Earth.

Kids enjoy the touristy things like taking pictures.

We had art class one day and make tie dyed shirts.

Our campground on Crescent Lake was pretty nice but super buggy!
Just a bad time of the year to camp because of the bugs. Good thing I brought other things to do, Miss M and I painted our nails one evening while the guys fished.

Noley shot things with his sticks.

Our highlight was a Momma Moose and her 2 babies eating at a lake. We stopped and watched them 3 times this day. They had lots of viewers and didn't seem to think much of the fuss.

Very little knitting was done but that is alright, sometimes you gotta take some time off. Hope your summers are getting off to a good start.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The End is in Sight, Will I Survive the Summer?

The end of the school year was today for my kiddos. Where has the time gone?

I went on a field trip Tuesday to the roller rink with Miss M and her class. Talk about a flash from the past. How many of you held hands for the first time on the roller rink? There was some fun activities while we were there, Miss M tried the hula hooping on skates and did pretty good!

Then we went to a local park for lunch. I can't imagine what the locals thought when 2 buses full of first graders pulled up. No kids were lost or hurt so we went from there to the OmniMax theater to see Mysteries of the Great Lakes. It was pretty good I thought, but it was mostly just fun to go with her class and enjoy the end of the year.

That night we went camping for a night. It was a beautiful night.We stayed in our pop-up camper in this field. It was pretty fun but BFing Cold! (don't ask what the BF stands for its not PC) I think it got down into the 30's that night and our heater is broken on the camper. I guarantee it won't stay broken too long.

The next day was beautiful though 60-70's with a slight wind and hardly a cloud in the sky. The older kids had school so Noley and I got to hang out there alone. We played a game.

I knitted on Noley's sweater.

Noley blew bubbles.

WE searched for and found some treasure.

We found some pretty rocks to take pictures of.

The field was used for haying so there were rock piles all around and in the field, big ones we could climb up on, so we did.

A fun end to the school year for all, I promise a FO for next blog post. The seamless sweater is done it just needs the right pictures taken.

Last but not least, it was KD's birthday last weekend and he turned 9, I thought you should see his new legos. Jealous? Oh come on you know you are!

It even comes with a little Darth Vader:)

Monday, June 1, 2009

From the Backseat

Miss M: Mom I wish chickens never went poop.
Mom: Well everybody poops (origional response I know)
Miss M: Yeah but I wish chickens didn't go potty all over the chicken coop, it's gross.
Mom: I know
Miss M: You can't potty train a chicken can you?
Mom: (attempting to not laugh out loud)