Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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Friday, January 28, 2011


So lately I am running into a lot of women issues.  Not the actual people or my issues with them, as I am one.  More how we are treated and how we sometimes allow ourselves to be treated.  Building a house is a prime example of a time when men feel they can treat women as idiots.  I am so tired of men not talking to me about an issue in the house but willingly talking to my husband about it.  My brain doesn't work with numbers as well or fast as some guys but explain what you are doing or show me what size things are and I will be able to get the gist of it.  Why can't guys just treat me like I have a brain in my head?  This has been driving me crazy lately.  They also look amazed when I am able to do something in the house.  I am capable of work and am relatively smart.  Why can't I figure out how to put in some click and lock flooring?  I know how to use a saw as well as the next person.  Granted my recent foray into this resulted in a 3 hour frustrating day with some help from the hubby to finally get it going.  But I did do it so don't look so surprised when I come back the next day to finish myself! 

I am a labor nurse as some of you might know.  I am sick of asking someone how they are going to feed their baby and them saying, " I'm going to try to breastfeed."  Why undercut yourself before you even start?  I know breastfeeding isn't easy and it is scary with a new little person but women!  Be confident in your ability to feed your child! You have the equipment and there are so many resources out there to help you. 

Not everyone is able to breastfeed I get that, but I think there is so much to be said for just deciding that is what you are going to do and doing it.  Don't say you're going to "try" say, "Yes I am going to breastfeed. "   Say it loud say it proud. 

Also the current obsession with every women I meet to add some kind of stuff to do with breastfeeding is just ridiculous! Why are you all pumping and bottling?  What is that all about?  Why are you using nipple shields and why is it so important for the guys to give a bottle?  I had a patient the other day who's baby was nursing fine and the dad was pressuring his wife to quit nursing because the baby cried at the breast.  Well cripes!  He was hungry!  So she wanted to pump so he could give a bottle.  Women be a little selfish for once.  Men get all kinds of advantages in this life this is one thing they can't do.  Don't let them take it away from you.  It is so special and important to you and your baby. 

OK I am done.  Sorry to all you I might offend but this is my blog so I get to say what I want, Right? 

Knit on with confidence and hope through all crisis ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman

Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm Baaaaaack

So the end of 2010 was a little hectic.  As you might see from the header pic, we were living in the camper until the beginning of December.  I finally was able to get DH to let us stay in a hotel for a few days and once that happened we never did go back into the camper.  Thank goodness!  I don't know if you have heard but men with Finnish bloodlines can be a bit stubborn.  I can say this since we are both Finn although it goes way back to great grandparents for the both of us.  I like to lurk around the Finns on Ravelry sometimes just to see if we have similar tastes:)  I think we often do. 

We have now gone from this...

To this! Yes actual progress on the house as in there is one.  Yay! 

Actually this might even be an older picture since I see we don't have a front door in that picture and we definately have one now.

I am in the paint color, tile, carpet picking stage and it is tough to decide on such permanent things.  If I was the only one with an opinion I think it might be easier too but DH likes to have a say in colors so...  Enough said. 

To take the edge off, I knitted up some mousies to go into our house in hopes any real mice would not want to join them. 

This is Miss M's mouse, I don't think she has named her. 

Pattern: Marisol the Knitted Mouse
Ravelry link here

This is Noley's mouse he dubbed Squeeky. 
Ravlery link here
There's more knitting where that came from and hopefully I will now get back on the band wagon and blog more.  Hope you are all enjoying the new year.  Happy Knitting!