Friday, October 26, 2007

Finished socks!

Ok so these are done! For my first socks I think they turned out alright. BDiddy did say they are almost too comfortable. I think that means he likes them. Next time I will have to pay more attention to gauge because they are a little looser than I want them to be. I also need to brush up on finishing techniques as the toes are little wonky. Oh Well! Nothing is perfect. Pattern: Ribbed Socks from Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles
Yarn: Bearfoot by Mountain Colors in Northern Lights-1 skein
Needles: size 3 and 2
Size: Men's

I started the Felted Clog's for Children by Fiber Trends for Christmas gifts. I'm making 2 pairs.

I have made these before and don't have a circular needle but there are directions to make them on straights. The yarn is Fisherman Wool by Lion Brand which I dyed with Kool Aid a while back with Jess. That was a fun project but I have been hanging on to this yarn with no idea what to do with it. Perfect colors for a little girl right?

I love that these are so fast! What are you knitting for Christmas?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


My ribbed socks are almost done! It seems like once I picked them up again they went really fast. Maybe coming off the bunting, it looks like so little left to knit compared to the vast amount of stocking stitch on the bunting. So my mind of course turns to the next projects:)

First there is Christmas coming up. I have tried to not overwhelm myself with too much to do this year. That said, I tend to add things on as I go. I am planning to make only 4 things right now.

  • A present for my sister-in-law since I drew her name this year. I know just what to make but she might lurk here so no hints!
  • Felted slippers for my niece and nephew. These have to be done around Thanksgiving so they're next on the list
  • Felted slippers for my niece and nephew. (These count as 2 things because I have to make 2 pairs)
  • A little thing for BDiddy ( I know he lurks here so I can't tell you what it is) I can say that I'm using Noro Kureyon for this because I'm pretty sure he doesn't know what that is.

That isn't bad. I forgot that I have to make a craft for our girls gift exchange we do every year. But we often get together after Christmas to do this as it involves going out for dinner without kids. Lots of thing to coordinate for that to happen. This year we added a few new people to our group to do this so I think we are up to 7. Its a fun way to show your friends you care without having to make everyone a gift.

I got my Ravelry invite!! I can't believe I haven't posted this sooner. My user name is Imagine Knit. Check me out! I'm considering changing the blog name to this too. I know more changes but I like that better. I better do a blog search first. edited to add: obviously I changed it after writing this:)

Not much going on with the family except, BDiddy got a new boat. He's had the old one for almost 8 years and its little. The new one is a 18 foot fishing boat with lots of seating for kids and friends, a live well, a bigger motor, sun shade ect. He is so excited. It's funny to hear him talk about it and he asked me like 5 times last night if I like it. The answer is yes I do but it's really his deal. I'm just along for the ride.

I'm off to finish those socks! Knit on!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

We interrupt this blog...

We interrupt this neglected blog... to inform you that Senja of Imagine Knit has gone missing. Family members were not available for comment although one BDiddy was overhead mumbling something about knitting and a"freaking scarf". Her last known whereabouts include, work and the couch in front of the TV. She was spotted knitting on a striped scarf made of Noro yarn. Some say her obsession with the color changes may have precluded her disappearance from the blogging world.

*******************************These suspects have been questioned frequently about said blogger. Here you can see their callous disregard for Senja's representatives as they are (gasp!) Scooping out their insides!!

They then lit them on fire from the inside and took pictures. The 3 suspects are at large and considered armed (with spoons) and dangerous. One was overheard squealing and seen throwing the innards around.

**************************Her representatives have "no comment" but were sporting a gorgeous striped scarf which looked suspiciously like the one Senja was last seen knitting. Any information about her whereabouts should be referred to this blog under comments.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Neglected Blog

Yeah I'm neglecting my blog lately. FO coming soon! Noro striped scarf and ribbed socks are almost done! Will blog then.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Mushroom inspired

All of these were in my yard last week. I am not a mushroom expert but I thought it was interesting to find so many different kinds of shrooms in the yard. Anyone know if I should worry about the kids being around these? Obviously I watch Noley close so he doesn't pick up an odd mushroom to taste.

Knitting notes:

I have been cruising along on my ribbed socks and finished one! Yay! I may have to rip back a few rows though since they are a little long in the foot for BDiddy. No big deal. I am perusing my patterns for a new sock to try. I have seen a lot of Monkey around the blogs. Wondering if I should jump on the back of that one. Something a little more involved (I think) would be more fun than the ribbed socks.

It seems the yarn I want to knit with lately are the same colors as the mushrooms. Funny isn't it? Oh shoot, that's a little blurry. Oh well you get the idea right?

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Bunting Love

The bunting is done!

Pattern: Fisherman Bunting by Oat Couture
Yarn: Arucania Nature Wool (No color name, just a code 33)
Modifications: I knit this in the round to the yoke, instead of a zipper I added buttons to the chest area and added seat belt holes. Sleeves were picked up rather than knit and stitched on. I also used worsted weight yarn instead of sport weight for a slightly larger size.

Look at that proud mama!

The seat belt holes worked great!

It is a little big yet, but its better too big than too small. It feels so good to finish this project and I love how it turned out. Jess liked it too which is a relief since I was thinking I might not get it done this century. Onward to new projects!

P.S. I am fully aware this posting is full of exclamation points, it just feels like the thing to do!