Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mystery Stole 3

I joined the Mystery Stole 3 Knit Along (MS3 KAL). Like I have nothing better to do, HA! My part time job feels like a full time one especially when you go camping on every weekend you have off, plus I've been picking up extra shifts since we bought a new stove and water softener (finally). Now my counters don't look very good since they are cream and the stove is white. That's what happens when you buy appliances on clearance or as returns. I am considering getting some kind of new counter tops but not sure how much that may put me back. Maybe I should consider tiling them? So I need to start knitting lace with beads like I need a hole in my head. But, when stressed somehow adding a new knitting project to my list of things to do seems like the best idea ever. We'll see how quickly I get this done, I am already behind since clue number 2 is out and I haven't started. Oh well. It might be fun you know?

This picture of a cool glass ball thingy I got at a garage sale has some of the colors I am considering for my lace mystery stole. I found some beautiful lace yarn on Etsy. The woman who makes it would be willing to special order 2 skeins in a lavender/silver colorway. The question is do I do it? or look around town for some lace weight that would work? I know there isn't much as far as choice in town. I am very tempted. Very. You knitters out there what would you do?

Exactly:) Happy knitting!
Coming soon! A baby for our friends! We're so excited, almost as excited as them!


Guinifer said...

It sounds beautiful - may as well jump on that wagon!

Anonymous said...