Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hillbilly Birthday Party and Lightning Pants

This weekend was Busy! It started out with a birthday party for my 2 nieces. The little one on the left and the medium sized one 3rd from the left are the birthday girls. This was a cupcake decorating station my sister in law had set up. Super fun! She also had crafts which I think the adults probably had the most fun doing. After that we went out to shoot guns. Really. My sister is going to Alaska this summer for a job in forestry, which meant she wanted to target shoot. The guys then had to go out and shoot too. My youngest sister and I decided that it looked like fun so out we went. There were mostly just 22's but my brother in law owns some bigger caliber handguns so we tried those out too. I shot a 9 millimeter and a 45, Yikes! They really pack a punch. We were joking that this was a hillbilly or redneck birthday party because of all the shooting:)

We got to see my mom's new puppy, Tillie. KD wanted a picture of himself holding her. She is a golden retriever.

Sunday my house looked like this.
In honor of this little one. So we had to quick drive back from my folks house (about 1.5 hours) and get ready for the shower. It worked out alright but Miss M is sick and so that added to our stress.

Today is finally a nice day and since I had to stay home from work to take care of Miss M I thought I better at least do a little of this.

I also made these pants for the boys.

I know its not knitting but I hope you will indulge my little foray into sewing as the boys really needed PJ pants and this fabric is too cute to not use.
Contest results are in and Saunaknitter won! Thanks for all the entries. Knitting updates next time.


Rani said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! WOW! A YEAR. MY shift key got stuck there. . .lemondae.

I am loving those pants!MY you're talented!

The Hillbilly birthday made me laugh out loud. I would have joined you in my big black mud boots and oversized Vikings sweatshirt. I would have fit right in.

Yarnhog said...

Wow! Busy weekend.

I love the pj pants--almost as much as the little boy belly sticking out. It's just screaming for a nice, juicy zorbet!