Thursday, May 8, 2008

Family, Hiking and (of course) Knitting

This is a picture heavy post, Sorry! I got busy and didn't blog for a while.

Here is what we have been up to.

I don't know how I got to the place where this little one is now 6. We had a party for her last Friday with her friends. She had a good time. She is growing up so fast it makes me proud and sad all at the same time.

Sunday we went for a hike with out good friends, Saunaknitter(Ravelry) and her family. Here are some of my favorite pictures.
Our boys had a good time, mine are on the left.
The stream at the bottom of the climb. Miss M needed a hand across by Saunaknitter.
The view from the top of the climb.

This is us plus one, Saunaknitter's baby is our godson so we had him the picture with us. He is a real cutie.

I made a quick trip this week to see my sisters, because my one sister is going to work in Alaska this summer for the USFS. She will be living on a boat and flying by helicopter out to work. Cool huh?
Somehow I got no pictures of her while I was there. Sorry!
I did get a picture of my cousin's made up pattern. It is a scarf which you tie a knot in and looks like this.

This is what it looks like laid out on a table. You loop it around your neck and tie a knot with the 2 ends through the hole. The knot holds the scarf on then. It is really a cute idea, don't you think?Yes I have done a little knitting. I made a soaker for Noley with my worsted weight yarn. I think it turned out pretty cute and we are testing it today.
Hope you are all well, Knit On!


saunaknitter said...

I love that picture up the tree! What a fun time the hike was:) I think you will like the wool soaker. It is a little hard to believe it will work, but it does!

Naomi said...

Cute pics! It was great to see you! M looks so pleased to be the center of attention!