Monday, June 2, 2008

Finally Summer!

May is a big birthday month for us. So the little bit of blogging will get blamed on doing stuff for that. Here is Miss M's big day. KD's party.
Yesterday was finally a nice day and we had a sleep over for KD's Bday. Somehow that turned into this.
The kids had a super great time!

I tried my hand at crock pot dyeing too. That was pretty fun but I will have to go for some other colors, these are not my personal favorites.
I am trying to get some spring cleaning and a few stash busting projects done so hopefully I will have some knitting to post soon. Get out and enjoy the warm weather if you have some! Maybe take a drive.


Rani said...

tee hee hee, cute pictures. The kids on the car.

You are a very brave woman to have a boys sleepover.

Happy birthday to all!!

Knittymama said...

Happy birthday to everyone!!!

Naomi said...

Cute Birthday pictures!! After our vacation I have every intention of coming up to visit you!!! I miss you guys!