Thursday, October 9, 2008

And Done.

I am officially out of time to pack for the trip. I leave to the Cities tomorrow for my BIL's wedding on Saturday. My shrug is still on the needles but I have less than 2 inches left of the ribbing around the collar so I think I can finish. There are 504 stitches in each round though. The potential to not finish is there but I plan on wearing it on Saturday and have no backup. It Will Be Done.

In the last two weeks I worked 24 hours, went to a class to get CEU's for my license, did a lot of laundry, ran kids to the dentist, bought a gift for the wedding, packed myself for the big trip and still have to pack my kiddo's. Yikes! I have a pedicure appt tonight and I think it is well deserved. Plus it is a gift certificate from the hubby for Valentines day. I know that is in February, I needed to find just the right time to go:)

Fall is here and our leaves have peaked already but it is my favorite season. I hope your Fall is going well. I'll leave you with a picture of my kidlets enjoying a fall hike since neither I or my house is fit to be seen right now.

The Pimlico shrug will have a photo shoot when I get back.

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