Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Handmade Christmas

This is the pile of stuff my son had packed to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house. Do you see what I see? We had a great Holiday weekend with Thanksgiving on Thursday, Christmas on Friday and a Birthday party on Saturday. I am with my little sister when she suggested we do Christmas in January next time we are together on Thanksgiving only.

My sister loved her new hat. See this posting about it. .

My dad's vest is finally done! It fits and he loved it.

When I look at these pictures the song, "I'm too Sexy" runs through my head:)

In case you want details here they are: Pattern is mine made up as I went. Yarn is Cascade 220 in Midnight heather used I think about 4 skeins, needles sixe 7 US circular. Size about 36 inch chest.

I made most of the gifts this year, these aprons were for my nieces. They also got baking related items. Cookie mix, cake mix, wooden spoons, you get the picture.
These 2 are for my nephews W and T:)

My little sis also made a bunch of stuff. Noley got a "guy". He has been sleeping with it which is always the true gauge of whether a kid likes something or not. If they can't go the night without it near them they love it.
T got one of these for his birthday because it is so darn cute! I got an order from my nieces for one each once they saw this:)
The Birthday party was for the 2 boys who are 3 weeks apart. We went the easy way out with a DQ cake and a pool party. Here they are with their helicopters from Auntie B.
Noley is a little fish and loved the water.

T is a daredevil and went down this slide over and over again face first then backwards. No Fear!

All in all it was a good time if a little hectic. Looking forward to a quieter Christmas at home and a visit to the other Grandma and Grandpa right after.
In case you need a last minute gift for a fellow knitter or someone just learning, I have these knitting kits in my shop. Maybe some of you would like to check them out.

Here is hoping you all had the best holiday weekend too! And a low stress, happy, fun Christmas to come.


Naomi said...

Nice pictures! So what do you see in the first picture???

Christine said...

Hi Senja! You've been tagged. Read my blog! I'm going to be in Duluth on Dec. 30 - maybe we can meet up?

Paige said...

Lovely handmade stuff - and I love those pics of the kids having fun. So, where do you shop for yarn up there in the north country? I've been to Playing with Yarn in the past, just wondering if there's other good places for yarn...

Rani said...

COOL! I love those aprons! What a cool gift!

And all those stuffed toys! So so cool!

The vest turned out great!