Friday, January 9, 2009

Late Post of the Holiday Break

Our Holidays were a mix of work (me), driving to see family, lazy days at home, quiet family time and fun.

I had to work Christmas this year which means we spend our holiday home with our kids then go to see B's family after. Our home celebration is very quiet even with 3 kids. I need to think up some more traditions for us that works into me being gone part of the time.

The kids spent their time off of school playing outside in the snow. I heard that we have gotten a record amount of snow for this time of year here.

Miss M helping Noley.

KD sitting in a nest of snow.

Of course when home and bored with everything there is the requisite fort building out of couch cushions. Miss M took this pic of the boys.

I have been doing some yarn dyeing and knitting. There are lots of new yarns in the shop. I updated it yesterday. I am knitting a sweater out of a Rebecca magazine I think it is the fall 2005 issue. It will be a long jacket like sweater. I really like how it is turning out and it feels like it is going really fast. Bulky yarn will do that to a person.

So I am back on the blogging, sorry it took so long to get this posted. I must have been enjoying my holiday break too much:)


Naomi said...

T and I like the candle picture! Pretty! Love you!

Naomi said...

I've looked at this post like 5 times and every time I thought it was named... Last post of the holiday break. It didn't make any sense. But today I can read!!! Love you, my lovely knitting sister!

AW said...

So, now I too am back to blogging. I mentioned your blog in my blog because it's about the only one I ever read (I like to keep tabs on my childhood friend!) and it's always pretty cool the stuff you're doing. You sure are talented!!

Just thought I'd let you know that I mentioned you, in case you get some library-crazed fans out of it!