Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Introducing Ike

This is Ike, my youngest child's' lovey. He came from a clearance sale at a local department store. When I got him I thought he would be a cute toy for all my kids, so we have 3 Ike's. Noley has bonded to this toy doggie to the point that Ike now goes on the potty first, sleeps with him every night and jumps on top of Noley daily while he tells me in a tolerant voice, "Mom! Ike's jumping me again!".

Ike made the long trip to Florida with us and saw all the wonders of Disney World with Noley.
He waited in the car some days and rode in the backpack others. Noley is in love with this puppy to the point that I have started to almost think of the puppy as real. Maybe I need to knit him a sweater to stay warm:)
The best part of this funny little love affair Noley has with his Ike is watching him use his imagination daily. He talks to the puppy, uses him to try to get out of stuff, plays kitchen, cars and many other games. The day he grows out of this puppy will be a sad one for me. Luckily I have a few more years to watch my Noley grow up. He is a sweet funny little guy who likes to make you laugh. Thank you Ike for showing me more of Noley's personality than I would have known you could.


Yarnhog said...

What a sweet post. Here's wishing Ike a long and happy life.

Rani said...

That is such an awesome tribute to Ike! The post made me smile and think of my daughter's "Happy". Happy also went with us to Disney World! How funny! It gave her courage to go on all the rides. Without Happy, she was a nervous wreck.

YES, Ike needs a sweater! or at least a scarf!

Anonymous said...

my brother had an "Ike". His name was Teddy (can you guess he was a teddy bear). Teddy started out with fur and eyes, a nose, but no mouth. The first "surgery" Teddy ever had was for my Nana to sew him on a mouth. As Teddy got older, he lost all of his fur. So he is now a hairless bear (very rare, I'm sure). he also has had many "surgeries" to fix rips and tears. but he still sits in my brothers bedroom, looking over him and waiting for the day my brother will play with him again. My brother is 34 and still loves Teddy.

Paige said...

I think you should definitely knit a little sweater for Ike - I bet he'd love it!

Lindsey said...

I am not sure if I like Ike or Mike better......Mike is a bit fluffer though

Cathy said...

Lexi had Santa Baby and it was the same way! She asked me to babysit Santa Baby sometimes when she went outside to play and Santa Baby sometimes was naughty and put on time outs! I even bought Santa Baby a new dress for Greg's wedding! Thanks for the post about Ike, made me smile to remember some of the times we had with Santa Baby.