Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring has(Finally) Sprung

This little knit is for a baby of a coworker. Spring is definitely the time for new babies! We have bee fairly bursting with mom's and new babes at work. I had to nicely tell some mom's to clear out of their rooms as soon as possible the other day because we were out of labor rooms! I think the hat probably has too much pink for a boy hat though, that was the original intention. Oh well! I'll gift it to one of the other girls expecting at work and find some other yarn for the boy.

The family went for a hike in the local state park last Saturday while I was at work. It looks like fun and finally no snow!!

My living room looks like this right now, I have been sewing drapes for the basement and breakfast nook but it is turning into a bigger job than I bargained for. Hopefully I can get it done this weekend.

Of course I had to throw in a picture of the kids with the eggs they dyed. KD didn't want to be in this pic but Noley and Miss M were more than happy to oblige me.

I'll leave you with the kiddo's notes for E.B.



saunaknitter said...

cute hat! And those Easter Bunny letters are just so sweet...especially with the carrot in the baggie:)

Rani said...

SO CUTE (those notes).

I think the hat is perfect for either boy or girl. Honestly! It's a darling hat and I'd definitely put it on a boy.

Those green drapes look lovely. The fabric - please post pics! I wish I could sew . . .

Paige said...

What a cute hat! I love knitting for babies. And yay for no snow! It's been just glorious this past week - lots of things starting to grow again. Good luck with the curtains...!

Jods said...

The fabric looks gorgeous! I wish I had the umff to get some sewing done! Post some finished pics!

Jods said...

gorgeous fabric & cute hat!!

I wish I had the umff to do some sewing. post some finished pics!