Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Works in Progress

Starting off with the knitting, this is my seamless sweater which has fairly flown off the needles. I am at the exciting sleeve and color work part but have not had any free time to sit and knit on it lately:(
You will see my Mother's day present on top of the sweater, it is a new Blackberry Storm. Very cool and unexpected. I am in love with all the gadgets, plus now I can post to the blog even if I'm not home! This work in progress is the bunnies we got at the local Chicken Swap. A Chicken Swap is like a flea market with animals. We now have one Holland Lop which is the black and white bunny, Oreo. The other is a Jersey Woolly which is the grey fluffy one Miss M named her Fluffy, of course.KD is very proud of the bunnies and has been pretty good about checking on them along with Miss M. I made the cage last week while B was out of town for work. It isn't the prettiest thing but it does the job.

I also dyed yarn like a mad woman last week and have a load going to Yarn Harbor as well as a bunch to snap photos of and post on Etsy.
The ones above go in the shop, the ones below are going to YH.
Last but not least my 3 most important WIP, KD, Miss M and Noley.


Naomi said...

Nice sweater, phone, bunnies, yarn, & kids. Love all the pics! Can't wait to see you!

Anonymous said...

I was absolutely impressed by your sweater. I love it!! I should say both of your sweaters. Now you just need to share it with your web friends. So they can compliment you on it too. D

Paige said...

Love the sweater and bunnes, and especially the hand-dyed yarn. Next time I make it up north I've gotta check out Yarn Harbor. I love new-to-me yarn shops!