Saturday, December 12, 2009

Once a Month Cooking (a review)

A little while ago I got this cook book. The idea of cooking once a month and having meals for dinner every night was really intriguing to me. So the other day I jumped in and tried a 2 week cycle from the cook book.
Since my son has been staying away from wheat lately due to tummy aches I thought I should try the Gluten Free Two Week cycle.
Here is a pic of the process. I followed the plan by shopping one day and cooking the next. I really liked the fact that this lays out all the steps for you with tips, pantry items needed and a grocery list. The next day I did the cooking. That went really well, I started around 9am and endied at 1:30pm. Some of the meals we have tried and liked include Chicken l'orange, meatloaf and I can't wait to try Slow Cooker Chicken with Artichokes and Olives. A few things have not been a hit with the family but I can see that it would be easy to swap out another meal in its place.

My kids have been less and less adventurous with their food lately and this is a great way for us to try new things. All the mixed meals go into the freezer until you are ready to make. The only thing I need to do is decide what to make and take it out in the morning so it is thawed. Some things I have thawed quickly right before cooking. Also the 2 week supply fit in my regular fridge freezer. You store everything in ziplock bags and if you are careful you could easily wash out the bags and reuse them, or use some non-disposable containers in their place.

I love this so far and hope to try it again with a whole month cycle after the holidays. With our busy schedule and my lack of love for cooking this is a wonderful solution to our nightly dillemma, "What's for dinner?"

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Rani said...

Sheesh! I've been out of the loop for too long! I am just going over some of your older posts . . . all the way to Halloween! Where have I been?

I LOVE the idea of cooking all at once. Do you like the taste of the meals? Do you store them in your freezer? I may have to order that book.