Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm Baaaaaack

So the end of 2010 was a little hectic.  As you might see from the header pic, we were living in the camper until the beginning of December.  I finally was able to get DH to let us stay in a hotel for a few days and once that happened we never did go back into the camper.  Thank goodness!  I don't know if you have heard but men with Finnish bloodlines can be a bit stubborn.  I can say this since we are both Finn although it goes way back to great grandparents for the both of us.  I like to lurk around the Finns on Ravelry sometimes just to see if we have similar tastes:)  I think we often do. 

We have now gone from this...

To this! Yes actual progress on the house as in there is one.  Yay! 

Actually this might even be an older picture since I see we don't have a front door in that picture and we definately have one now.

I am in the paint color, tile, carpet picking stage and it is tough to decide on such permanent things.  If I was the only one with an opinion I think it might be easier too but DH likes to have a say in colors so...  Enough said. 

To take the edge off, I knitted up some mousies to go into our house in hopes any real mice would not want to join them. 

This is Miss M's mouse, I don't think she has named her. 

Pattern: Marisol the Knitted Mouse
Ravelry link here

This is Noley's mouse he dubbed Squeeky. 
Ravlery link here
There's more knitting where that came from and hopefully I will now get back on the band wagon and blog more.  Hope you are all enjoying the new year.  Happy Knitting!


Rani said...

OMG! The house is really coming along! You are a trooper. The mice are so darling. Welcome back - you were missed!

Anonymous said...

Yay you're back! I love the mice! I can't wait to come see the new house, and you! ~Naomi