Saturday, April 21, 2007


I finished it!! I think she looks like Little Red Riding Hood in this. I took these before blocking so we could see how it fit. Monica can't wait to be able to wear the poncho which makes me really happy. We all know what it's like to make something for someone who doesn't want to wear it or doesn't appreciate the idea of a handmade gift.

Kids are especially tough because no matter how much we want them to do everything we say, they will have a mind of their own.

My next big project to finish is for Kyle,a green cabled sweater which buttons down for outside. I'm using the same yarn as the poncho for that,(Bernat Softee Chunky) I like it for kids projects because it holds up well,acrylic is nearly indestructable. I am also currently working on a pair of socks, and planning to make a couple of baby hats for girls at work who are expecting.

Ugg! I gotta wash off that wall!


Mom said...

Cute poncho! She does look like little red riding hood. It turned out great!

Brita said...

It looks good Senja. Nice that Monica posed for you.

Naomi said...

Looks great! I like how the decrases made the varigation look different at the bottom and the shoulders. Monica looks pretty happy.

Anonymous said...

Cute! I can't wait to make my girls' one....that is when I find time, I wonder if my girls would wear it when they're 18?!