Friday, August 17, 2007

Anniversary Surprise


Thursday was our 10 year wedding anniversary. Hard to believe we aren't those young kids anymore. Knowing BDiddy like I do, I figured if I left it up to him we would spend it like any other day working on projects in the house and maybe we would go out for dinner that night. So I planned a big surprise for him. I was trying to pick him up from work but he came home early and we met on the road as I was leaving to go get him. He looked a little like, "What the heck?" My mom came and watched the munchkins and I had asked his boss to schedule a fake meeting the next day. We were off the the Olcott House Bed and Breakfast in Duluth. He was so so so surprised!

This is the outside of the place isn't it beautiful?

The drawing room, where guests were received in the old days.

Our room had a distant view of the lift bridge.

We had dinner at a local restaurant in Superior, WI just over the bridge and stopped for a coffee on the way back to the B&B. Ahhhh... Relaxing!

I am feeling pretty smug about this one as BDiddy had no idea and it took some convincing for him to believe that he really had today off. In fact we had to go to his work to find some proof that he wasn't working today.

The best part about this was having some time to really enjoy each others company. Our marriage has changed throughout the years, sometimes its been really hard to see what to love about the other person but we have hung on and continued to stay committed to each other and the family we have made together. I love him more now than when we were first married, for the man he has become and the father he is to our children.

PS. I got a new camera! It took these pictures, I love it!


Naomi said...

I'm so glad you had fun on your anniversary surprise!! The pictures look awesome. One time Grammy & Grandpa were staying at a B&B and I got to go see it.... I cried it was so beautiful. I'll have to go stay at one someday. How was the breakfast??

yer old lady said...

I'm already knitting booties....