Monday, August 6, 2007

Busy Bee

I know, I know I haven't been blogging lately. Thank you to my loyal blog lurkers for continuing to check my site out. Sorry I have nothing to show for my long absence. I have been busy with Jess' gift which I am finally making some headway on and we had a baby shower for her recently. It has been very busy at work with lots of babies being born and I have picked up some extra shifts. We have been painting our house room by room also. We may look at selling it soon, probably put it on the market in the spring if it all works out so, that means I've been working on fixing things up on my days off instead of knitting. But I hear my yarn and needles calling to me, "Come knit us." I will be picking up projects again before I go mental:)

On another note, how irritating is it to be somewhere with your kids and hear someone say, "She should have got a babysitter." Granted my kids were acting up a bit and being a little loud in the dressing room but Honestly! How am I supposed to get any new clothes short of paying double what I could by paying someone to watch them while I go shopping! AHHHHH! How aggravating! OK... I will calm down. I really wanted to tell the ladies I could hear them. Or at least offer to have them pay for my babysitter.

I am hoping to have the baby gift done by next week so I can put it in the county fair. (Jess already gave me permission.) Otherwise I will for sure have it finished by September when it starts to get cold. I think I can do it though. I will use the Force:) Hope you all are knitting fun things and enjoying the rest of your summer!

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