Monday, September 15, 2008

Misc Things and An Award!

I have so many things to update you on and no pictures:(

School started right after Labor day and my kiddos went off to 3rd and 1st grade. Getting back into the routine of school wasn't as hard as I thought it might be. 3rd grade is more homework and less free time for me than I thought. KD isn't into telling me much about what goes on at school. So that means I have to hound him about homework and reading assignments and all kinds of of forms ect to fill out. Yikes!
I feel like I am in school again sometimes.

Miss M loves school and is super smart so it isn't hard for her, unlike her brother who struggles a bit more. She has a harder time with the social aspects of it being a sweet sensitive soul who has her feelings hurt easily. We have had one call from the teacher already just to talk about a bad day. She was hit in the mouth accidentally and someone was messing with her water bottle on the same day. Bummer.
Nolan enjoys not having the older kids around and having Momma to himself:)

On the knitting front the Pimlico Shrug (ravelry link) coming along. Luckily it is knit on size 8 needles and has a eyelet pattern which is easy to memorize. I only have until Oct 11th so I am starting to feel the crunch.

Did I mention that I leave for a week in the Dominican Republic right after the wedding? No kids, no hubby just my mom, sister, and cousin. The reality of this trip is starting to sink in. But I think it will not feel real until I get on the plane. I haven't taken an airplane since KD was a baby so around 7 years ago. Yikes! Any tips about what can and can't get through security?

The best news of all is my recent yarn order from the LYS in Duluth. I will officially have my dyed yarns in her shop this week or next, depending on how quickly I can get the rest of the stuff dyed. Local knitters check me out at Yarn Harbor in the Woodland area. Hopefully this is the start of a regular thing for me since the Etsy orders and few and far between. I am happy to have any orders though. I started this blog on a whim and the Etsy shop was the same. Just dove in head first and d#*^ the consequences.

Last but not least:

I was honored with the Arte y Pico award by Guinifer of Halfway Down the Stairs. I don't know what is nicer her comment on my dyeing or my cute kids. Thank you Guinifer!

Here are the rules that I pasted from Guinifer's blog.

1.) Show the award. Link back to the blog that gave you the award.

2) Pick 5 blogs that you consider deserving of this award because of creativity, design, interesting material, and contributions to the blogger community, no matter of language, and link to them.

3) Leave comments on the blogs to let them know you've given them an award.

4) Show the link to the Arte y Pico blog , so everyone will know the origin of this award.

5) Show these rules.

I decided to chose some local gals who I follow since there are many, many blogs I like.
Too Much Yarn is Christine who is the queen of many socks and has a serious sock yarn obsession.
One Knitter's Notebook Wendy knits great stuff for her kids and hubby, plus she is my first bloggy friend I met in real life.
Vegan Craftastic Kala just got married and knits all vegan fibers. Love her knits.
HollyKnitlightly Holly is really close to me and a Finn! Who doesn't love that? Plus she knits cute sweaters for herself.
Nova Made Ok Nova isn't local but she inspires me to try whatever craft I want because she does and makes coool stuff for her little boy.
Later Dudes!


Cassie said...

When we went to Cozumel I had my bamboo needles taken away coming back to the states. The Denise knitting needles are fine. And finally no liquids larger than 3.5 oz. So, that means you can carry on all the yarn you want!!
Have fun!

sarah said...

I'm so sorry not to have said this before now... I've been avoiding my computer... but it was such a treat to meet you last weekend. I hope that my tired, driving self put on a semi-good impression... dirty shirt and all.

Have a great day. Hope to see you again!

Wendy said...

Congrats!!!! I can't wait to see your yarn at Yarn Harbor! Thanks for the Arte y Pico Award too! It was so nice of you to think of me!

Yarnhog said...

Go to the TSA website and print out the list of allowed materials. Knitting needles and crochet hooks are on there. I highlight those and carry the printout with me for U.S. flights. But sometimes security in other countries will take away needles, so you might want to use interchangeables and cap off the cables on any WIPs so that you don't have to pull out the needles. Losing the tips would suck, but not as badly as ruining the project. (I tuck the tips into an inner pocket of my knitting bag, where they generally go unnoticed anyway.) I also carry round-tipped kindergarten scissors, which no one has yet made a stink about. Security doesn't seem to fully appreciate that I would be far more dangerous without my knitting.