Tuesday, August 26, 2008

He Makes Me Proud

I taught KD how to knit yesterday. He woke me up this morning to ask if he could knit. Ummm... Yeah!
He is head over heels in love with it!

Knitting progress here, my dad's sweater is coming along, I fixed the problem and am almost ready to divide it for armholes and the neck edge. I am starting to be done with this so I better get moving on it. Hopefully by Christmas I can give this to him:)

What are you all up to? Knitting on as usual.


saunaknitter said...

Good for Kyle! I bet he is proud of himself too. The vest looks great, the patterning is really nice!

Naomi said...

I wonder how long he will be asking to knit... :) Dad's sweater looks good! I'm sure he will love it! I started the legwarmers for M and O... It's going better with the larger needles. I LOVE starting things!!!

Cassie said...

Go KD GO!!!

Rani said...

Oh, what a lovely scene! A child . . . a BOY knitting!

Whooow- good luck on the sweater!! I'll be lucky to whip out a scarf or something.