Monday, August 31, 2009

Enjoying Summer

We took a bike ride to the park the other day.

The kids enjoyed running the bases.

Playing on the slide.

Spinning on this.

We are heading home here, you can see how far we went. At the end of the road in this picture is our road to turn onto. The kids did great!

This is my latest project likely to become some socks I set aside half done. I have not gotten many pairs done for a while.

I have done some dyeing recently and now am feeling the mojo again. Hope to get some updates in the shop soon.

Until next time.


Paige said...

Sounds (and looks) like a lovely bike ride - gotta soak those days up when you can!
I'm struggling with the pair of socks I'm knitting right now - can't seem to do more than just pick away at 'em. I think it's the colorway that's bugging me...I so wanna cast-on for a new pair but I'm telling myself NO! Must. Finish. UFO.

D said...

Wow! Impressive bike ride. I love summer. I am loving the new pictures you put on the actual page. The rocks, the new one of you, Loooove them! See ya in a few!

Rani said...

Great pictures! That is quite the bike-ride. Looks like fun had by all. I was just "at" your Etsy shop looking at some Birch Leaves yarn. So so pretty! I will be buying some worsted from you soon to start making fall mittens! (after payday)