Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Progress, of a sort.

It's time to out myself as a chronic project starter. I am going to list the things that I am currently carrying around in my knitting bag. Even carrying back and forth to and from work!
Below is the start of the Side Slip Cloche. I now have to join this and pick up around the top to form the hat. I was all fired up about this project and now it hasn't been touched for a month I'm sure.
Nolan's sweater, finally picked back up and sleeves started. Still not very far on those:(

Socks that were to be for KD now for Noley. Too small for KD unless I decide to rip them out and restart. Not decided on that yet.

Sweater for Miss M, just need to start sleeves and begin the raglan decreases.
These are not all the projects I have started and are hiding in my house either, just the ones I am hauling around with me. It's a sickness I know.

I decided all this confessing means you all should confess too! So in order for good participation a contest is in order.

Here's the contest for you all. How many projects do you have started and in progress right now? Including those tucked away somewhere in your house that you mean to pick up again. What is the easiest thing for you to knit and the hardest? The person who has the best answer as decided by my DH will get this lovely project bag, made by me. If a skein of yarn or some other goody happens to fall into the bag don't be surprised! Batman is running loose in my house and he might find something for me to pass along to the lucky winner.

Good Luck!
Contest will end Tuesday October 20th.


Guinifer said...

I had a ripping session a week or two ago, so right now I've got three things on the needles. Two pairs of socks and a sweater!

Rani said...

HA HA HA! I can just see Batman putting a plastic army man or a special pinecone in the bag!

I won't tell you how many UFO's I have because it's just too embarrassing. Shameful.

So instead, I'll let you know that I started a new project just today. And I don't care what anyone thinks!

There is an overlaying guilt about the new niece's baby sweater, mitts and socks that I started but never finished and she was finally born Monday. So I'm also a bad Aunt.

i need a drink

Anonymous said...

Hi Senja,

Fun post - I too am a chronic project starter. Or as I like to call id - I have project ADD. I have tried to tame myself and it seems to be working. Currently on my needles:
1. Mittens for Allison
2. Lorelai Scarf
3. Another scarf that I started years ago with some (ugly) fluffy yarn that I'll never finish.
4. I have second sock syndrome with my Wise Hilda's Basic Ribbed Socks.

If you had caught me a month ago this list would have been 3 items longer...I got in a finishing mood I guess.

Happy Knitting!
Nicole H.

Naomi said...

Cute little Batman!!

Well right now I have on the needles...
1. Malabrigo felted earflap hat. Loving this can't wait to finish it.

2. leftover Noro socks. One done one to go. Just can't get myself to start the next one...

3. Fiddlehead Mittens. Got one done minus the thumb and it's too tight and messy looking. Need to rip it out and start again... but I need to do that on a day I have patience.

4. Monster. I started one for T after I finished Noley's and I just can't get myself to finish it.

5. wavy scarf. It's acrylic. I started this before I realized that acrylic sucks, therefore I have not picked it up to finish it. Maybe someday, it's almost done.

6. Mom's chevron scarf. Started and got bored. Love the yarn but for some reason it feels like it's going nowhere.

The easiest is my malabrigo hat because I will LOVE it when it's done and it's a good TV watching project. The hardest is probably the acrylic wavy scarf... gotta pay attention and it's acrylic.

D said...

I'm not sure you want me to even start my list. Maybe you should just give me a skein of yarn to shut me up? Alright you asked for it....I'm about to finnish Jadyn's mittens, Iara's sweater is almost done, Owen's socks aren't right, neither are the slippers, I started a hat for Halle, Lindsey's scarf, My Christmas craft socks oy!, about 3 bags intended for my nieces last Christmas, a sweater I started for Vaughn long ago ran out of yarn and now can't find the yarn to finnish. Funny thing is if you would have asked me last week I could have added Jadyn's hat, Gavin's hat, Gavin's mittens and Max's slippers. (which I finally felted and they turned out alright) You asked what's the hardest to work on? Well right now all of them since my arms hurt so much but hopefully the Dr. will fix that soon and I'll be up and knitting as fast as you again soon.
Alright I've taken up enough of your time. I love this blog post btw, one of my favs. Batman is adorable! I miss you!!!!! :D

Brita said...

Oh boy, considering I haven't had much time to knit, I still have too many things going on.

You think you are bad all my projects have been to Alaska more than once this year, talk about hauling things around and not finishing them.

1. Sierra's hat. I am at the decrease and most of it has been knit on a plane between AK and MN. I started it in Feb. I want to get this done and felted because I love the color and I know that she will wear it.

2. Sweater for Baby Tony, I don't think that I'll get it done in time. Even though Naomi made the same pattern in like 2 days.

3. Slippers that need to be felted (does that count) they are done. I started them in Feb and finished them on the boat and on the planes this summer.

4. A mostly done dishcloth. I like to start them, but I hate to finish them.

All of these are in AK with me.

At home I have my malabrigo that I keep trying things with and then ripping them out. I think it is on needles now, but I think I will rip it out again.

I am going to make Diane a pair of slipper while I am here, at least I usually finish those fast.

If I win batman needs to give me a car. I don't think I could get him to part with one though.

Jenny said...

On needles right now:

1. Several pairs of baby booties for all fifteen of my pregnant friends. Sigh.

2. A welcome-to-the-world baby blanket for my nephew. I began it the autumn before he was born. He'll be two in a couple of months.

3. His twin sister's sweater, because I decided they were getting too old for a blanket.

4. Boring scarf. Why do I not just rip this one out??

5. A Christmas stocking that I began when my husband and I moved into our first home. We moved out of that house 2-1/2 years ago and are on our 2nd house since.

6. Fingerless gloves because my hands get cold knitting. They just need finishing.

The easiest to knit is the stocking: mindless rounds. The hardest is the baby booties: a baby for me, please. :(

Brita said...

Oh, I found a baby hat that is partially done, also in Alaska with me.

I love you. Kisses to the kiddos.

Brita said...

Oh, I found a baby hat that is partially done, also in Alaska with me.

I love you. Kisses to the kiddos.

Cathy said...

First of all... you made that project bag? Wow! I have no patience for sewing.

On the needles or needing to be sewn up...

1. Vikings footie for Austin
2. Sweater dress for Lexi (gives me guilt when I work on anything else and wonders when I am going to get her sweater done?)
3. Yes, another pumpkin hat, Lexi's teacher had a baby girl last week
4. Pink Camo sweater was originally for Kina but it's going to be too small, I haven't touched it for a year - front back and sleeves are done just needs to be sewn up and neck finished (guess it's going to be for Anya)

saved the best for last...

5. Mossy Green basket weave pattern baby sweater - started in 2007 and thrown in a basket when I was too bored with it to make the hood. Picked it up a few weeks ago and hadn't marked anywhere what size I was working on (I needed ravelry then) and so I guessed from the pieces I had. Turns out I made the wrong size hood so it's back in the basket - UGH.

I would have had one more but I recently ripped a scarf I had started for my mom.

OK, easiest for me lately has been hats - quick & easy! The worst is changing colors so I love self striping yarns.

It's a good thing you didn't ask about the queue or the stash!

I also have to comment to D... I hope none of your sisters read this since it seems like you might have given away what your sister craft is?

Great contest idea, I liked seeing yours and then reading everyone elses!

Paige said...

Ooo, I'm not too late! It's still Tuesday! Okay, here we go:
Number 1, and most shameful is the Laughing Carrots Cardigan that I started for my son, oh, 2 years ago. I stopped laughing when I got to the "cabled carrots" around the yoke of the sweater, got through it, cast on for a sleeve and then cast the whole dang thing to the back of my very dark closet. There are moth holes in it now. I know, such total loser knitterly behavior!
Number 2 is a log cabin blanket for my mom - I've decided that I don't really like knitting it. The yarn is too chunky, the needles too big, but I'll finish it this fall because I want her to have a blanket for Christmas.
Number 3 is a scrappy blanket. I have no idea how long this is gonna take for me to complete, but ignorance is bliss in this case!
Number 4 is a pair of Mystery Socks for Socktober. Should finish the pair by mid-November or so because I really like the pattern and the yarn I'm using.
Number 5 is a Wonderful Wallaby for my son. This sweater will be finished soon - I will not let him down again! :)
Easiest for me to knit are simple, classic socks. So portable, so gratifying.
This was fun, thanks Senja!