Friday, April 9, 2010

What I did on my Spring Break

Went for a walk with good friends.Explored hollow logs.

Found interesting tree formations.

Went knitting at a friends house.

Explored the local aquarium. Great Lakes Aquarium in Duluth, MN
Saw divers feed the fish in the tank.
Tried to get a good picture of the river otter.
Looked at beautiful art inside.

Played in the tree house.

Got a little obsessed with the boats showing how locks work.

Learned about huge dinosaur fish.

Watched a ship go through the canal.

Welcomed back some old friends.
By Senja


Anonymous said...

You spring break looks like it was a lot more fun than ours. I've been wanting to go to some local point of interest lately.
Great pictures!
Love ya~ D

Paige said...

Well, that sounds like a mighty fine spring break! Love the new look of your blog, too...

Rani said...

What fun - an adventure filled time. It's nice when they're so young that those little trips are engaging and fun.

Cool pics of the aquarium.

Guinifer said...

It looks like Autumn, doesn't it?