Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm Alive!

Really I am I just stopped blogging for a bit there. Once in a while it all gets to be too much to keep up with and I take a break. The blog is the first to go. But there has been lots of things happening here. First off, we are moving!
About 2 months ago we heard the neighbors were moving. Since they are the only neighbors we have left that we like OK and we have talked about moving for quite a while now it was just the push we needed to get our house on the market. Lo and behold the house sold in less than 2 weeks! Yikes. Now BDiddy and I have no permanent plans yet beyond we are moving to the next town over to be living the the school district we have our kids in and slightly closer to our work. I will update you all when we have something to tell until then we are packing and planning for a summer full of transitions.Knitting wise I made a hat for my cousins baby, finished a shawl and am now working on a sweater for me.
Here are some pictures:This 3rd picture is the most accurate for color, I used my own Knit Me Now Sport-a-licious in Apple Tree and finished with Knit Picks Gloss sock in Cocoa since I ran out of my yarn at the end:( I like how it looks though with the brown solid on the edge it kind of grounds it for me. The pattern is Verdaia (Ravelry link) which was the first shawl pattern I saw and almost immediately cast on. I love it but I think next time I will use a solid or semi-solid because I seem to want a shawl in a solid more. Pretty easy pattern and well written. Good beginner pattern if you ask me.This is the baby hat I made for my cousin's baby. Another pattern I saw and cast on for right away. The pattern is Ella Rose's Pixie Bonnet you can find it here. The yarn is Araucania Atcama in a blue/ purple color. Very soft and I see it is discontinued now, too bad. It was pretty nice to knit with. I love the little button I found for this bonnet a little pink gem. Hope all of you are knitting away and looking forward to spring!


Paige said...

What a beautiful shawl!! I love it, and also the cute little bonnet. Good luck with the big move - how exciting!

Rani said...

WOW! Congrats on your move!!! And what a treat of a post. Major knittage. The shawl pattern is intriguing. I'm off to check it out. And I think I may cast on that baby bonnet today. I am just finishing my EZ baby sweater and I think I'll have leftover yarn. whoopie.

LOVE the shawl.