Thursday, June 3, 2010


 Mother's day 2010
We went out to the breakwater in Two Harbors, MN for a little fishing.  We didn't catch any but it was a fun outing to explore the big lake (Lake Superior). 

 I found some inspiration there too.  Took this picture to save in my mind the color combination for a yarn colorway someday.
 Of course when you go to the lake you have to throw stones in.
 I was really a fun day and my kiddos are getting so big.  It is such a bittersweet feeling watching them grow and change.  I am so happy they are healthy and smart and inquisitive and... well you get the picture. 
 I have done some knitting too.  The Lacy Baktus was just the thing for this yarn I have been hanging on to for a few years.  It is a cashmere, silk and wool blend in a color I don't usually choose for myself. It's called Spun by Artio which is not cataloged on Ravelry and I won it in a blog contest.   But I had made up my mind to use it for me and the baktus seemed like a perfect project for such a soft yarn.  You have to knit something to go next to your skin with that kind of fiber blend.  It would be wrong not to:)

I think it turned out all right and I have 2.5 skeins left to make a hat for the winter.  Hmmmm off to Ravelry to find a pattern!


Anonymous said...

There must be some serious connection between us. It seems I always check in for updates on the day you update. Of course there are many checks between but it has been awhile since I last stopped by and yet I wasn't surprised to ses you posted today.
Your kids are beautiful and so is your scarf! I know how soft that yarn is and I'm jealous! ~D

Brita said...

Where are the pictures from the sheep festival?