Monday, June 4, 2007


Is there a point in anyone's life when you suddenly feel like things are just right? I think there must be times for everyone like this, too bad they are so few and far between. Lately I have been thinking about my life and how much I have to be thankful for. I have a great husband who helps with the kids and housework, beautiful, smart children who are nice to be around (most of the time) and a job I like. My life is fulfilling in a way I never imagined when I was younger. I'm not sure what I was envisioning for my future as a teen. If I was dreaming of anything it was of being independent of my parents. What teen doesn't dream of that right?

I only hope I am a good wife, mother and friend to all I know, but some days its hard to know. Am I doing a good job? Are my kids becoming the kind of people I want them to be? Am I good at my job? Do people like me? I hope I am not alone in these thoughts and feelings. We all have our problems in life, as well as trivial issues with other people, but for the most part now is a good time in my life. I am happy to be where I am right now. When life gets busy and stressful with too many tasks or demands on my time, I try to remember how good things are in my life.

I am missing B as he is gone fishing for a few days. I hope he comes back rested and relaxed from his trip. He seems to need a little R&R once in a while to recharge. Some times people make comments about his going fishing a lot but I know we are all happier when he can go do that. Summer vacation is next week and KD is really ready to be done. Miss M is already done so she has been enjoying not having to get up early to go to school. Noley is growing and talking a lot lately. I asked him if he was thirsty tonight and he said, "Yeah!" clear as day. So you see, I have nothing to complain about. Don't worry this won't last I will have complaints again soon but for now, Life is good.

Go hug your family. I'm off to hug mine.


Naomi said...

This is a surprisingly sappy post!! I'm glad you are feeling so good about life right now! Love you!!

yer old lady said...

it's good to have times like this. we should be grateful for all our blessings.