Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Birthday Boy

These flowers are so pretty sitting on my window sill. They were a present for mother's day from Miss M and they love it in the sunny breakfast nook at my house. They are as pretty as she is.

Here is a picture of my birthday boy (KD) with his loot. Yes that is a skateboard you see. Note the helmet, knee,elbow and wrist pads. He really, really wanted a skateboard (it was that or a gameboy) and since skateboarding requires you to GO OUTSIDE, I was more inclined to give him the semi-dangerous gift rather than the zombie inducing game toy.
If you look close you can see he's missing a front tooth, kind of makes him look tough:) Here's an action shot.
This is a pic of the Pixie hat. I didn't have any little babies lying around as mine is too big, so Miss M's puppy had to stand in. Now she thinks puppy needs a hat too. We'll see about that.The flowers are too pretty to not post twice!


jesslm said...

Senja, the hat turned out really cute! Kyle seemed really excited about the skateboard when I saw him last night.

Naomi said...

Cute hat! Pretty flowers! W saw the picture of K & skateboard & he immediatly started begging for one too. I said how about a scooter?? He said Can you go buy be one right now? Luckily he got sidetracked...