Friday, February 22, 2008

It's Contest Time!

OK February has been a slow month for blogging. I decided the best way to spice things up is to do what all bloggers love and have a contest. Drop me a note and tell me what you like to do to fight the mid winter blahs. I have been trying to get out skiing, playing basketball and thinking up crafts to do with the kids. I mostly just want to pitch it all lately and go on a vacation anywhere. Just get me out of the routine and recharge my batteries, you know?

I will have some yarn to send to the winner, my own hand dyed of course:) Put in your comments if you want sock or worsted weight. I will send sock if you don't put a preference. Oh and my friends and family are eligible for the contest too. I will draw a winner on Tuesday 2/26. Looking forward to hearing from you!

To top off my winter blahs, this little guy has been falling off of things and down the stairs a lot. Poor guy.

Keep warm and Knit On!


Wendy said...

Go Shopping! A lot of the stores right now have all their Spring lines out...It is just wonderful to see evidence that whether we believe it or not Spring is coming!
P.S. I would love, LOVE some of your hand-dyed yarn!

saunaknitter said...

I say get a new haircut (or color)! It made me feel a little better, something new you know. But since I feel like that is sort of a cheating answer, I'll say, shave the legs & put on toe nail polish. Pretend you need to get ready for warmer weather, even if it is a long way off!


ikkinlala said...

When winter's getting me down, I like to dance - to recorded music if I need to, but I try to go see live music whenever I can.

Rani said...

Tee hee hee. We had one little guy in our family that we dubbed "Lumpy" because he spent the first 5 years of his life with bruises and lumps on his head and shins.

I already have some of your FABULOUS yarn, so I don't need to officially enter, HOWEVER, to fight my winter blues, I've been listening to Socks in the City podcasts and looking for BRIGHT yarns and trying to get OUTSIDE whenever the sun peeks through (gotta absorb that vitamin d or is it b).

But truth be told . . . i'm going mental.

Brita said...

Poor Noley. What I would like to do is ski and hang out with family, but you know that's not happening right now. I like worsted weight.

Sandy said...

I love to study all the time. I love to go to school everyday of the week, that's what fights my winter blahs! NOT!!!!!! I like to take the kids ice skating (well, can't now!) and love to go sledding on a warm winter day. At night I like to knit and watch my favorite tv show.

PJS said...

I knit or sew with bright colours, I also organise my house but thats not really interesting (or normal)

Cathy said...

That picture of Nolan is way too cute! I can't believe how much older he is looking, growing too fast!

I have been fighting these mid winter blahs by dreaming about camping and planning camping trips. Searching online for different campgrounds to try out and making reservations at our favorite places. It helps to have a lot of outdoor fun planned and ready to look forward to when the thaw happens :)

I am delusional and thinking spring might come early and my dad reminded me yesterday that we have 2 months of snow left, sigh.

See you next weekend!

Naomi said...

Noley looks SO much older!!

Right now to fight my winter blahs I'm looking at my Mexico pictures a LOT, using the same hair product I used while I was there (the smell brings me back), wearing tank tops (under a hoodie of course) so I feel like I might be running off to the beach, and knitting my ocean colored socks of course!!!

Cassandra Jean said...

To fight off the winter blahs I have been trying to keep myself really busy so I don't have to look outside and see the gray sky. YUCK! I've been knitting, summer things like a short sleeve linen sweater. And I also am remembering the trips I have taken to Cozumel. Now that's a good time!

Anonymous said...

Mid winter blahs... Can't seem to remember what I've done in past years. This year I'm mentally redecorating my house, planning my gardens for the spring, reading a lot of magazines. Magazines are like window shopping only you don't have to put on your coat and sboots and there isn't much risk to spending money.

Bring on the sock yarn!!!