Thursday, February 7, 2008


This morning everything was covered in ice crystals. The kind that makes the whole world look like it's covered in diamonds. I wish there was a way to capture that feeling with a picture. I just don't have the camera skills to get it right. Here are my best shots.

A half an hour later the sun was behind the clouds and everything looked grey and bland again. I was glad to get a few pictures of the twinkle before it was gone.

Speaking of gone, my hat used to look like this.

It is now frogged:( It was too tight and I think I might need to rethink the edging, possibly to cable needs to be a different one too. Love this cable pattern though. I'll have to use it in something else if I can't make it work in the hat.

I made these socks for a friend at work who's due soon. She's having a girl and I think these will be perfect.

The green baby socks are for a coworkers new grandchild. She asked me to make him a pair when I showed her the first pair. I used a Regia self striping yarn for them. They turned out super cute, Noley needs a pair now.

My Febuary socks for A Year of Socks. They have been a fun knit so far. Next month I think I'm going to make a real simple sock though. Just plain knitting sounds good and relaxing to me.

I'm anxiously awaiting my yarn order so I can add to the Etsy shop. Supposed to be here tomorrow! I've got conferences tonight for Miss M and KD. Gotta run! Knit On.


Kristin said...

Love the socks!! The little ones are cute too.

saunaknitter said...

That was a sort of magical icy morning...neat pics.

Sock-o-rama! The tiny socks are adorable and your February socks look awesome!