Monday, February 4, 2008


Oops! Got busy and now I have tons of things to update on. This post seems a little scattered but here goes.

I managed to get KD to pose with his hat on. He will wear it at home but not to school. Already I have kids that are embarressed of me. I think it looks really cute on him, and he says its nice and warm.

I had a visitor the other day. This Piliated Woodpecker hangs around our house year round, but with the cold weather I haven't seen him in a while. Not the greatest picture but you can see how big he really is.
I love these kinds of things in my yard, handmade kid stuff! KD made this one warm day last week.

I joined Rani's, Year of Socks. Crazy I know. I really have to get going on Febuary's sock. I am planning to make these. The Azure socks are just the thing.

Rani nominated me for a "You Make My Day" award. She also is having a little contest so go see what she's up to.

So to spread the love, check out these blogs.

I have to return the favor to Rani, I check her blog out often.

A Few Things To Say - she's back from Hiatus! and quilting!

A Friend To Knit With

Probably a ton of people nominated the Yarn Harlot, but I do love her writing and she's wicked funny.

Christine at Too Much Yarn is a super fast sock knitter too. (Oh she nominated me too! Gotta keep up with the blogs more.)

Yarn Hog gets a mention too, she knits stuff I love at a hugely fast pace. We are knitting a sweater in the same yarn and color right now.

Oh there are just too many to name! If I didn't mention you consider yourself mentioned. I love you all.

Last on the blog front I just have to say Thank You to all who have ordered my yarns or have even checked them out. I am so happy to be doing the dyeing on the side and it means so much that you like the yarns. More is coming, I am putting in orders today for more stock. Watch the Etsy shop for updates or check back here, I'll put a note in when I add to the store. Thank You again!

On my needles:

Assymetrical Cardigan

Hat in Malabrigo of my own design

Azure socks

Baby socks

Better get to work! Knit On!


Naomi said...

Sounds like you're busy, busy knitting. We'll have to plan a weekend to knit together! I just got my needles from knitpicks. Now I can start my socks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I am not really quilting yet, just kinda talking about it!.

The hat looks great and what fun to have a pileated in your backyard.