Monday, August 4, 2008

Finn Fest And Other Fun Stuff

2 Weekends to blog about.

The other weekend my little sis came to see me. She is knitting a sock here.

My folks came over to go the Finn Fest 2008 in Duluth. Here are the little boys with Papa.
Our first stop was in the flax spinning room. Very cool demo. This woman is cracking off the hulls for the finer fiber underneath.
These ladies are spinning the flax into linen.
We went down to the Marketplace and suddenly there was a bunch of Secret Service guys all over the place. The President of Finland was there! I didn't get close enough to shake her hand but here she is. She is the lady with the reddish hair to the right.

Obviously I am a Finn, so it was fun to go see the stuff and people watch. I never knew there were so many suomalianen in the area. I kept thinking I knew everyone because most everyone looked familiar.

Sunday we went out with the family on B's new boat to fish and swim. Noley was in seventh heaven. He loves fish and the water.

Here is a shot of KD before he was upset about not catching as many fish as the rest of us.Miss M caught this big Northern. She was so proud!

B went to the Quetico last week and here are a few of his pics. I love this picture.

My Brother with his big Northern.B is home again tired and grubby but he had fun camping.While he was gone I dyed these. I will get them in the shop soon.Plus I went and picked these!Happy knitting and enjoy the rest of the summer.


Naomi said...

Love the pictures of the fish, yarn and blueberries... yummy! Did you have any success with that special order of mine??

Brita said...

Thanks for the pictures. I miss everyone. Less than a month and I will be home. Love you.

Rani said...

What a great post! So many pictures and how cool - THE PRESIDENT OF FINLAND!!! Love that sunset picture, too and the yarn and the berries and oh - cool!

PS. if you haven't already, you MUST check out Conan O'Brian's episode in which he travels to Finland. It is laugh out loud funny. You can download it from itunes. I've watched it about 20 times! You'll appreciate it!