Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stripey Hat

Easy quick project for KD. Raveled here. It was a stash busting project that I brought on the trip. I finished it the week I got back on a night shift at work.
I was KD's idea to put the long blue tassel on the end with a pom pom. I am thinking of lining it with a little fleece so its even warmer and won't let the wind blow through. Probably my gauge is a little off but I love the end result and it fits.

Here's a shot of my trick or treaters, a mad scientist, black cat and Darth Vader were hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa.

That's Miss M's poncho I made a while back. I blogged about it here.
I have Dad's Vest on the needles and am almost done. I should be finishing it up soon. Talk to you all soon!


Rani said...

That is THE cutest hat ever! I checked it out on Ravelry and yours is by far my favorite! I added this pattern to my queue. So cool!

Hope you had a happy halloween (love the poncho)

Paige said...

What a sweet hat (and an adorable little boy)! Gotta love those stash-busting projects, huh??