Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mittens in June?

KD mitts

So I know it is the middle of summer and about 80 degrees and humid lately but I have been knitting mittens for KD. I got a big stash of Cascade 220 when a local shop went out of business recently and these colors just spoke to KD.
I apologize for the bad picture I took it with the phone because the hubby is out of town again. With the camera.
I am not a lover of mitten knitting but I think I found the cure, 2 color knitting! These Matrix Mitts fly off the needles. I love following the pattern and watching it come to life. Weird I know. The best part is I think I can get a couple pair of mitts and a hat out of all that yarn, love it!

We had a rough week last week with Miss M getting Lyme's after our camping trip and ending up in the hospital for a couple of nights. No worries she is back to her usual self already and should be just fine. Not the greatest start to our summer but we'll manage.

I am hankering to bake bread this weekend and cook some of the veggies from my CSA. Bok-Choy and Napa Cabbage are over taking my fridge! Seriously anyone have a good recipe for both or even just one? Maybe I'll try hit up the local farmers markets this weekend, the kids would like that. Hope all is well you all, take care!


Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm glad M is doing better. I thought about you guys a lot when I heard what was going on. Your mittens look fun - I'm working on a scarf...also not seasonal appropriate. :) - Nicole

Rani said...

GAH! I hope your little darling is back no her feet!

the mittens look really cool!

Guinifer said...

The ticks are just insane this year! I've had to pick them off of my husband and both dogs - in the dozens!

Paige said...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear Miss M was ill. That must've been scary! Glad to hear she's doing better. Love those mitts!