Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Annual Camping Trip

Our yearly trip camping was last weekend. We chose to go to Northern Minnesota just south of the BWCAW.

The scenery is gorgeous.

Lots of wildlife to be seen, this is a turkey vulture.
The lakes are like nowhere else on Earth.

Kids enjoy the touristy things like taking pictures.

We had art class one day and make tie dyed shirts.

Our campground on Crescent Lake was pretty nice but super buggy!
Just a bad time of the year to camp because of the bugs. Good thing I brought other things to do, Miss M and I painted our nails one evening while the guys fished.

Noley shot things with his sticks.

Our highlight was a Momma Moose and her 2 babies eating at a lake. We stopped and watched them 3 times this day. They had lots of viewers and didn't seem to think much of the fuss.

Very little knitting was done but that is alright, sometimes you gotta take some time off. Hope your summers are getting off to a good start.


Rani said...

WOW! MOOSE! I get up early and paddle around when I'm up north, hoping to see a moose and NOT A ONE!

What a great trip - and great pictures. I love the tye-dye craft. Hmmmm. I wonder if I could pull that off with no running water.

Paige said...

Beautiful pics! I agree, the lakes in northern MN are stunning, as is all the surrounding scenery. And wow, moose, too!