Monday, June 1, 2009

From the Backseat

Miss M: Mom I wish chickens never went poop.
Mom: Well everybody poops (origional response I know)
Miss M: Yeah but I wish chickens didn't go potty all over the chicken coop, it's gross.
Mom: I know
Miss M: You can't potty train a chicken can you?
Mom: (attempting to not laugh out loud)


Anonymous said...

You need to reminder her of this when she is trying to potty train her children. Many years from now yes, I know. But I think only then will she truly understand how much amusement you got from this little moment. Love ya, D

Brita said...

That girls is so funny. So are you going to try and potty train the chickens?

Rani said...

tee hee hee. go to hee hee hee

Naomi said...

I can just see the chickens sitting on the potty. Potty charts, suckers... oh they would LOVE it!