Monday, September 17, 2007

Random stuff

My dad was visiting the other weekend and came to KD's soccer game. He always has a hat to wear, I think he was a cowboy in another life. Him and Noley hung out for a while. Noley calls him Papa.I had my project with which was farther along than is is now because I frogged the second sleeve the other night. I am on sleeve number 6 now. I hope the baby doesn't grow another arm or something or I may lose my mind! As far as I know he only has 2 arms like a regular baby. This came in the mail today. The swift I got off of Amazon with my rewards points from my bank. So it was free! I didn't even have to pay for shipping! How fricking awesome is that? The yarn was from the stash not new:(
Yarnhog is having a contest so here is my knitting spot. The futon I got at a garage sale this summer for 15 dollars is right by the TV and Computer. So BDiddy and I can either watch a show or surf the net. We don't like to watch the same kinds of shows on the tube so we each have to have an option the other isn't doing. We moved the TV up to the den last weekend and I like only having the one TV hooked up.
We had the old TV in the picture upstairs and the nicer one in the basement but I was spending a lot of time in the basement alone at night because of the discord in TV shows. This way I can't spend too much time alone or watching TV.

I have many many plans for new project none of which I can discuss until I get the bunting done. Look for ideas, plans and hopefully FO's soon.

(Sigh) I will finish the bunting eventually. Until then you'll find me here on my days off.

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Yarnhog said...

Oh, yeah. Our home office looked like that for years, futon and all. Last summer, I finally got it together and remodeled (well, mostly it was that we were finally making enough money that I could afford to remodel). Now we have a full-on professional office with all the bells and whistles, including a huge LCD tv with HD service--and I never even go in there! I still sit in my butt groove in the corner of the family room couch and watch the old (non-HD) tv in the corner. Thanks for playing along--I've really been enjoying seeing everyone's spots.