Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Too busy (with life)

I will be busy the next few days so I may not have time to blog until Sunday or Monday. One of my friends from my teen years died last night after a battle with cancer. He will be missed. I am glad for him that his struggle on this earth is over.

On the knitting front the baby bunting is so close to done but I have to have more than an hour here and an hour there to finish it. With the upcoming weekend I think it will be a bit longer until it is done. Unless work is not too busy tonight.

Someone asked about the socks and I am sad to say I have only been working on the bunting for the last 2 and a half months. I think the fact that I haven't finished them is more related to my busy life than my ability to knit. I hope so anyway!

Jess and I have big plans to knit ourselves sweaters this Fall/Winter. I am putting that plan on the blog so we get a kick in the pants and actually do it! Keep on prodding me (us) to work on that plan. I may need a cattle prod occasionally.

Not really looking forward to work tonight but I'll feel better once I get there. I almost hope its busy, the night goes by faster that way.

I wish I was here right now.

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