Friday, November 9, 2007

Save me from myself!

I must not buy more yarn.

I have been surfing for new yarn all over the Internet this week. No matter if I have money or not I still want the yarn. I could ask for some of this stuff for Christmas but there is that issue of, how does my family find the stuff I want? Plus there's all the yarn hiding in the stash. I think I will have to knit up some of it so that I can buy more. It is my birthday in December too so I could justify some of it for a birthday present right? OK OK. I will hold back and cast on for some socks or something. I am feeling squirrely with the Christmas presents and am now over half done with what I was planning on making. Funny how putting any kind of deadline on my knitting makes me feel so hemmed in.

I love the ability to search for patterns on Ravelry except for the fact that I have like 14 projects on my list. Besides socks I've been thinking about finding a shawl pattern to make myself. My plan is to get pretty good at lace knitting and make Miss M a wedding shawl someday. So I have to practice. I ordered a pattern today called Bee Fields Triangular Shawl, you can find it here.

I love, love, love that pattern. I have one problem. There's some really pretty yarn in my stash that I bought for the MS3 project which I never knit. I am just not sure I would like this shawl knit in this yarn. What do you think?


anne said...

i think that yarn would be pretty in a bee shawl .. in the photo it looks fairly subtle with no loud changes. so all the pattens will show up nicely in it. you should knit a swatch and see!

Brita said...

Sen, that yarn would be pretty in that shawl. You could always make me those fingerless mittens or gloves. Or maybe the slippers. I have your name for Christmas so maybe I can buy you some yarn.

Brita said...

Sen, I think that the yarn would be very nice in that shawl. I have your name for christmas so maybe I could buy you some yarn.

Kristin said...

If you have yarn that would work for a shawl than cast on and go to it.

I am shameless with xmas presents, I just send a link to what I'd like to receive. In fact I just emailed my sisters with a link to the option harmony needles at knitpicks.

Rani said...

It's gorgeous yarn! It would look lovely as a shawl.

ps. Could you coyly suggest gift certificates from your favorite on-line stores as gift ideas from family/friends? That way you can get your yarn!!

Yarnhog said...

Never, never, never ask for yarn for gifts. At least from non-knitters. Allowing them to become aware of how much yarn actually costs is a mistake of truly epic proportions. That's why I only bring yarn in the house when my husband is gone, and then I hide or destroy all receipts. He is under the impression that all that yarn in the stash only cost...well, much less than it did. If he knew the truth, my yarn-buying days would be over!