Monday, November 19, 2007

Trip to Grandma's

We went to visit my family this weekend after a very busy week for me of work, kids, house and so on. This guy is the reason for the family gathering. My nephew "Little" Tony (called that now only because his dad is "Big" Tony) is back safe from Iraq. He is a Marine and was doing patrolling near Falluja. Dangerous stuff.
We are all glad he is home safe. He was heading back to his home base soon so thus the trip to Mom and Dad's.

These days it's not a little gathering anymore. With each of us siblings having kids of our own its a little like being inside a zoo of kids full of sugar. The highlight for them is the hot tub.

The big boys played and played, here they are checking out the Lego site.
There are crazy jumping girls, and a fort was made in the kitchen with chairs.
There are babies who are soon 2 years old and probably shouldn't be called babies anymore. These two are 3 weeks apart, Theron on the right is older and my sisters boy.

At the end of the weekend, Noley was exhausted:) So was I!And I did a little bit of knitting too, mostly in the car. The slippers are waiting to be felted today, and the dishcloth is just because I needed a few more. One more Christmas gift to go!


saunaknitter said...

The slippers are gonna be cute! Like the color combo.

I have a feeling this is what family gatherings at my parents house are turning into...although we have a ways to go to catch up to your numbers...

Guinifer said...

I love family gatherings like this!

Naomi said...

Oh it was so fun... and you actually got some knitting done!! yaaaaa!!

Rani said...

Sounds like a great time! A tub full of cousins. And it's nice that they are all so close in age. That's pretty special!

I'm envious of your Christmas knitting. I am not even close to being done. sigh.