Friday, November 2, 2007

Fall activities

I went to a Stitch N Bitch to meet some of the Northern MN Ravelry knitters this week. There were only 3 of us there but it was fun to meet someone new. We'll have to try to do it again and see if more people can make it. This was my coffee drink. Doesn't it look yummy? It was! I think it was called a Cara Miel Cardamom. MMMMM! The coffee shop closed early so then Jess and I went to a different place and had tea.
I took the kids to the gravel pit to look for agates the other day. KD had been bugging me to take him. We were there about 30-45 mins and this is our loot.
They're not huge but the kids really liked to look for them it was like finding treasure.

Halloween pictures: Noley as a chicken.
KD as a Lego guy (a guard for a castle, his idea), Miss M as a bat princess:)

OK obligatory costume pics out of the way, on to the knitting!
I have made progress on the felted children's slippers. One pair is done but needs to be felted. I started BDiddy's gift and I really like how it looks. Sadly I can't show you it or it won't be a surprise. I may use the pattern for the other Christmas gift though it is really cute and would look good for a guy or a girl. One more pair of slippers to knit and then I may add to the Christmas list. The slippers went way faster than I remember.

I have a butt load of cleaning to do today as my Aunt and Uncle are coming for a visit this weekend and I have to plan a meal for Saturday night that is a bit fancier than our usual taco's. So probably won't have a bunch of time to get much knitting done this weekend.

Oh and I am loving Ravelry! If you haven't signed up you should get on the waiting list! Knit on!


Yer old lady said...

Noley is a hoot! Er..cackle! Where did you get that costume! KD and Miss M are also very fine looking in their Halloween costumes! Did they have fun?

Kristin said...

The costumes are great!
Good luck with your butt load of cleaning, I'm decluttering the bookshelf today.

Yummy coffee.