Sunday, January 27, 2008

Winter Knits

So I promised pictures of finished objects last time. I added a couple of knits from last winter that I haven't blogged about in the past.

This hat and mitten set was made for KD last winter. Too bad he won't wear the mitts at all and the hat is getting too small.

So because those were too small, I made KD this Thorpe hat. I made it a little too big so it is slightly felted to fit. I couldn't get him to model it for me. Maybe he'll let me later.

Miss M got these mittens last winter but they were too big. She just recently has decide they fit a little better. The cuffs are knit in a mosaic pattern. That was a lot of fun to do, I should try that again in some other project.

These mittens are mine, I used Lamb's Pride worsted for them. I love them. Super warm. I can't remember the name of the pattern it is around here somewhere.

Since I liked my felted mittens so much I made these for Noley. I thought he might not wear them but he loves them! I could have left the thumb off though, he won't use that part. I did think they should be a little longer in the cuff area, so next time I'll have to remember that. This was an improvised pattern.

I dyed up the last of my wool supply the other day and put them up on Etsy if you're interested. Just a little picture to tempt you:)

I am loving the dyeing and 3 skeins are gone to happy knitters. I'll have to see how the sales go before I can convince BDiddy that this might be worth the time. I think it is of course but he needs a little more proof. My 3 favorites in the first batch sold right off the bat so I have to try to reproduce them. My current favorite is the Blue skein 2nd from the left. I call it Blueberry Pie. I know I can reproduce that one because I wrote down the formula. So I'll dye one up for me some other time. What kind of colors are your favorites? I like purples, blues and greens the most.

Well time to go do a little baking with Miss M for some Momma and Daughter time. Knit On!


Brita said...

Good Job Sen. You'll have to make me some Blueberry pie in something other than sock yarn.

saunaknitter said...

Love your new banner pic! The yarn looks awesome...even though blueberry pie looks purple to me:)

Cassandra Jean said...

Thanks for the yarn, it's even more beautiful in person! Can't wait to knit it up! All the new ones are awesome too. Thanks again

Rani said...

I love your woolly felted warm knits. Sigh. I always give mine away and my fingers and toes are cold right now.

Guess what. I just ordered a skein of BLUEBERRY PIE! HEEE HEEE! (is it sport weight or fingerling? I didn't check - it doesn't matter, I ordered it anyway!) I can't wait to see it!

Rani said...

I LOVE my new blueberry yarn! LOVE IT! It is soooo smooshy and wondeful!

I can enter it into Ravelry's database, but I wanted to check with you on what to call it. Blueberry would be the color way. What do you want the official name of the yarn to be? ex. KMNcrafts sock yarn, or Imagine Knits sock . . . you know what I mean?

Let me know!