Saturday, October 6, 2007

Mushroom inspired

All of these were in my yard last week. I am not a mushroom expert but I thought it was interesting to find so many different kinds of shrooms in the yard. Anyone know if I should worry about the kids being around these? Obviously I watch Noley close so he doesn't pick up an odd mushroom to taste.

Knitting notes:

I have been cruising along on my ribbed socks and finished one! Yay! I may have to rip back a few rows though since they are a little long in the foot for BDiddy. No big deal. I am perusing my patterns for a new sock to try. I have seen a lot of Monkey around the blogs. Wondering if I should jump on the back of that one. Something a little more involved (I think) would be more fun than the ribbed socks.

It seems the yarn I want to knit with lately are the same colors as the mushrooms. Funny isn't it? Oh shoot, that's a little blurry. Oh well you get the idea right?

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Rani said...

You have to try the Monkey socks. They are really fun (but it's kind of one of those - when the kids are sleeping - patterns. At least for me!)

Also Jaywalker.

So those felted slippers . . . They're lovely. I think I have the same pattern - and I'm working on my first pair for husband. They are huge and funny and if they don't felt up, I'll have a funny story to tell!!

ps. love the Halloween costumes!