Saturday, October 20, 2007

We interrupt this blog...

We interrupt this neglected blog... to inform you that Senja of Imagine Knit has gone missing. Family members were not available for comment although one BDiddy was overhead mumbling something about knitting and a"freaking scarf". Her last known whereabouts include, work and the couch in front of the TV. She was spotted knitting on a striped scarf made of Noro yarn. Some say her obsession with the color changes may have precluded her disappearance from the blogging world.

*******************************These suspects have been questioned frequently about said blogger. Here you can see their callous disregard for Senja's representatives as they are (gasp!) Scooping out their insides!!

They then lit them on fire from the inside and took pictures. The 3 suspects are at large and considered armed (with spoons) and dangerous. One was overheard squealing and seen throwing the innards around.

**************************Her representatives have "no comment" but were sporting a gorgeous striped scarf which looked suspiciously like the one Senja was last seen knitting. Any information about her whereabouts should be referred to this blog under comments.


Naomi said...

This is so funny! I LOVE the scarf! So pretty! I was thinking maybe you made it for me?? You'll have to shoot the pattern my way... maybe it could be my vacation project?? Your pumpkins and kids are cute!

Anonymous said...

You are Halarious. Ilove the scarf! I haven't ever used the self stripping yarn. Now all three of my childys need new scarfs. (he-he)

I love your stuff on etsy too. We'll have to talk soon.
Love Ya D

yer old lady said...

WHAAAA HAAAAA HAAAAAAA!!!! Evil sounding laugh...did your kids get slimed with pumpkin insides? Cute scarf.