Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Bunting Love

The bunting is done!

Pattern: Fisherman Bunting by Oat Couture
Yarn: Arucania Nature Wool (No color name, just a code 33)
Modifications: I knit this in the round to the yoke, instead of a zipper I added buttons to the chest area and added seat belt holes. Sleeves were picked up rather than knit and stitched on. I also used worsted weight yarn instead of sport weight for a slightly larger size.

Look at that proud mama!

The seat belt holes worked great!

It is a little big yet, but its better too big than too small. It feels so good to finish this project and I love how it turned out. Jess liked it too which is a relief since I was thinking I might not get it done this century. Onward to new projects!

P.S. I am fully aware this posting is full of exclamation points, it just feels like the thing to do!


Kristin said...

It is fabulous!!! Love the buttons and the pattern.

Yarnhog said...

That is so cute! I'm glad you explained about the seat belt holes--I was a little concerned for a minute there.

Sandy said...

WOW! Senja, you did such a great job! I love the color. Homemade items are the best!

Brita said...

It turned out nice Senja. Nice to finally get it done, huh?

Naomi said...

Looks great! On to the green sweater for Kyle??

yer old lady said...

YAY!!!! It's done!!!!! Whoohoo!!!! And it's cute!!!!!! :)