Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bloggy Friends Rule!

I just got back from a great visit with Wendy of One Knitter's Notebook. She bought some sock yarn and asked that we meet up to deliver it. I gladly, if not a little nervously, agreed. Not that I thought she would be weird, well not weirder than me, but I did not know her from Adam. She turned out to be a super nice gal with great kids. My kids thought they were great too and both set of kidlets were asking if we would meet with them again by the time we left. Aren't knitters great!?!

No where else could you meet someone online and get together in person with very little concern that one of the people is some kind of axe murderer. Of course I felt like I had gotten to know her a little from reading her blog and probably she felt that way a little too. Sadly I am a bad blogger and didn't remember to take pictures. :(

Go check out her stuff she makes great hats!

I am cruising along on the socks for March and I picked up the Asymmetrical Cardigan again too. I hope to actually finish my March socks in March. We'll see, it is the 26th already.

Tonight I have a Pampered Chef party to go to and tomorrow work but the weekend looks pretty free. As always Knit On!

I will leave you with pictures of my sister and her friends socks. They are both making the Embossed Leaves socks with my dyed yarns. It's fun to see the yarns knit up, if you have some you're knitting send me a picture!


Wendy said...

Oh..I love that blue sock. It was so nice to meet you today! Let's knit together again sometime.

Naomi said...

Hey those are my pictures on your blog!! =) Both pairs are now done!! I'll send you a picture soon... they turned out great!

Rani said...

Fun! I think it's hilarious that you two got together! I met some bloggy friends in a knit store and it was kind of funny.

Love the socks!!!!! I have not started knitting my blueberry pie yet. It's tooo yummy!!!! Isn't that funny? Seriously. There are some yarns that I just can't wind up yet because the skeins are too delicious.

I will certainly let you know when I do! (i'm thinking july . . . blueberry festival socks or something . . . hmmmmm)

ps. Any good knittin' store up there?