Sunday, March 9, 2008

Second Sock Syndrome?

OK so I have been avoiding this post because it means I have to admit I am not done with my February socks for A Year In Socks KAL. I obviously over stepped my abilities when picking that pattern. Plus a fall on the ice has given me a sore wrist which makes knitting a sometime fun, sometimes not so fun thing. I don't think it is SSS yet but I can see when there is a syndrome out there named that. I have already decided March's sock is a simple plain sock, perhaps the Yarn Harlot's standard recipe. I did dye a skein for myself for March. I call it Longing For Spring. I will post pictures next time. Just dropping a note here to say I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. I'm just ashamed to admit I haven't been knitting what I said I would:)

Knit On!


Rani said...

Frankly, my favorite socks are plain old stockinette stitch socks. They seem to show off the yarn the best.

I HATE SSS! It can feel like torture to start that second sock. I do everything I can to knit socks at the same time. Otherwise, I can NEVER get myself to finish that second sock. UGH.

PJS said...

Hope your wrist feels better soon. You should wrap it in stretch bandage if you havnt done so, just to help support it a little.

I like plain socks too, they do show off the yarn better.

Brita posing as Mom said...

Did you fall that icy day? It was horrible out. Did you get it checked? Take care.